Error C:\Google\googleupdate.a3x" during Windows startup

Verecno is a malware classified as worm. This malware infection most possibly dropped by other malware or as a file downloaded by drive-by download technique when users visiting malicious sites.
Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essential will detect this virus as Worm:Win32/Verecno.A
The verecno worm drops the following files:
  • C:\Google\Autoit3.exe
  • C:\Google\Google.lnk
  • C:\Google\Windowsupdate.lnk
  • C:\Google\GoogleUpdate.lnk
  • C:\Google\GoogleUpdate.a3x
  • %User Startup%\GoogleUpdate.lnk
  • %User Startup%\GoogleUpdate.a3x
  • %User Startup%\WindowsUpdate.lnk
  • {removable drive letter}:\Hot.lnk
  • {removable drive letter}:\Movies.lnk
  • {removable drive letter}:\My Games.lnk
  • {removable drive letter}:\My Pictuers.lnk
  • {removable drive letter}:\My Videos.lnk
File size 133.4 KB (136649 bytes)


Error C:\Google\googleupdate.a3x" during Windows startup

It appears the following error at the start up. I'm using Windows 7 ultimate.                                        Line 0 (File"C:\Google\googleupdate.a3x"): please help me.


Verecno is a malware classified as worm. Each time at Windows startup the Line 0 (File"C:\Google\googleupdate.a3x") error message window will appear because of this worm removed by anti-malware installed in the system. But malicious registry entry created by malware to auto-start & run itself on every reboot that entry still be present that’s why getting this error on system startup.
Windows Defender and MSE will detect this virus as Worm:Win32/Verecno.A
googleupdate.a3x is malicious file dropped by verecno malware. Read more about verecno malware removal and how to fix googleupdate error
Follow below steps to get rid of this error,
  1. Press Win+r, type regedit and enter.
  2. Now press ctrl+f, type googleupdate.lnk and hit find.
  3. Windows registry search and show detect entries under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run path just delete it and hit find to found next.
  4. Similarly search with autoit3.exewindowsupdate.lnkgoogleupdate.a3x

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