What’s New in Windows Blue?


Didn’t get the hang of Windows 8 yet? You need to buckle up. Windows Blue/8.1 will be rolling out soon.

So what’s Windows Blue? It is a code name for a system update scheduled to be unveiled later this month, which will come with many changes in the way ‘Windows 8’ is being used today. This new update is a result of Microsoft listening to its users’ feedback on Windows 8 and Windows RT. Rumors suggest that the start button and boot-to-desktop options will make a comeback. But some improvements we should see are listed below.
windows blue
User Interface 
  • Smaller Live Tiles – At present Windows 8 does not support smaller-sized tiles, making it difficult to accommodate and emphasize certain tiles on the home screen. Windows Blue will enable the users to customize the size of each desired tile (choose from options of Large, Medium and  Small), thus making the screen fully customizable.
  • Color options have been updated with many new shades to choose 
  • Snapview – This will enable screen space-sharing between two applications, and in some higher resolution monitors; permitting up to 4 applications, thus enabling users to operate applications simultaneously
  • Networking options will now be available for quick switching between networks and access to VPN settings.
Windows Blue will see a more intense integration of Skydrive within the system. Users will be able to access the skydrive option from the Charms Menu. It will show the storage usage, devices and files that are backed up. It also will provide automatic photo and video uploads, which can be customized based on the quality of the media.
New Applications
Windows Blue will present a host of new small but useful applications, such as alarm clock (to set recurring alarms); sound recorder; and a calculator (with options to convert temperature, weight, etc.)
An application to look out for will be Movie Moments, which will serve as a replacement to Windows Movie Maker.
Although the codename for this update is called Windows Blue, the official release version will still be deemed as Windows 8.1.
A preview version will be available from the Windows store in late June for the users who own Windows 8.
Are you a Windows 8 user? What would you like to see in the next update? Share in the comments below.

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